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Plagiarism is an act which is not condoned in essay writing. One can be suspended for it when caught or serve a jail term. Many students avoid the risk of being caught thus choose to write their papers originally from scratch. Others seek assistance from writing companies on how they can write plagiarism free papers. To check for plagiarism in your essay, consider using the following plagiarism checker tools.


This is a plagiarism checker tool which every writer should have. Not only does it check for plagiarism content in your paper but also help you improve your writing skills. It proofreads your entire essay hence allowing you to correct grammatical mistakes, punctuation and spelling errors as well as plagiarized content.


Turnitin is one of the most efficient plagiarism checker tools. The Turnitin platform checks for plagiarized content in your paper and highlights it. It also gives you the percentage of plagiarism content in your paper. With this software, you can easily edit your paper and submit it when it is plagiarism free. Also, it does not take too long to show you the plagiarized content in your article.

This is a proofreading tool which helps you to improve your writing skills. It checks for grammatical errors and plagiarism in your essay. You can use this tool on your phone or computer. It adjusts easily with MS Word and Outlook. It provides you with a robust plagiarism checker which shows all the duplicated content.


Unplag is one of the fastest online plagiarism checker tools. Phr exam practice test software the practice test software is a holistic preparation tool that consists of all the components of hrci phr exam syllabus. This platform takes less than 10 seconds to complete a plagiarism check. You can copy and paste your essay content or upload it to check for plagiarism. You should not worry about it saving your essay content as it does not. It is also one of the easiest tools to use.

Concisely, plagiarism is not allowed in essay writing hence students should avoid copying other people’s work at all costs. There are various plagiarism checker tools you can use to check for plagiarism in your essay and some of them are discussed above.